I-FUE Technique


This procedure is tailored for clients seeking optimal results through advanced equipment and are willing to commit more than one day to achieve their desired outcome. Additionally, this method includes enhanced graft storage facilities to maximize the success of the transplantation.

A. Session Duration: This procedure is designed to span one to two days, with a maximum graft count of up to 3000 in a single session.

B. Punch: We employ the use of a Serrated Sharp Harris Punch, which minimizes the risk of tissue damage and promotes faster healing.

C. Blade: Our choice of blade is the Sapphire Tip blade, known for its durability and antimicrobial properties, effectively reducing scarring and tissue damage.

E. Magnification: During the procedure, we utilize magnification at a level of 3x to 4x for precision.

F. Graft Survival: Our method ensures excellent graft survival rates, with superior hair retention compared to traditional A-FUE techniques.

G. Graft Preservation: The risk of graft damage is minimal, thanks to the chiller’s ability to maintain the ideal temperature for hair grafts.

H. Method: We employ the SAVA needle implanter as the primary method for graft implantation in this procedure.

What is the cost of I-FUE hair transplant?

A Manual I-FUE hair transplant is performed by a physician who utilizes a handheld device to extract individual hair follicles. The cost per graft for an I-FUE hair transplant is 30+Rs. When contemplating a hair restoration procedure, one of the foremost inquiries individuals have is about the expense of the surgery. It’s essential to note that there isn’t a fixed cost for hair transplants; rather, the prices can vary significantly. Typically, the pricing of most hair transplant procedures is determined based on the quantity of grafts needed to address the area of thinning hair.

Advantages of I-FUE:

1. Our I-FUE technique represents an innovative approach to FUE, incorporating cutting-edge technological products currently leading the Hair Transplant industry.

2. We take special care in preserving hair follicles by utilizing purpose-built chillers designed to precisely regulate graft temperatures.

3. By ensuring the graft’s freshness is preserved, we are able to deliver outstanding Hair Transplants with impeccable hairline results.

4. In this procedure, we typically transplant approximately 3000 hair grafts in a single day. However, if the graft count exceeds this, a second day may be necessary to accommodate the higher quantity.

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B-Fue Hair Transplant Side Effects

The occurrence of side effects in FUE hair transplantation can be attributed to improper implantation techniques and the negligence of surgeons. Some side effects may have minor consequences, while others can lead to significant problems for the patient. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution when selecting the right FUE transplantation center. It’s important to acknowledge that every medical procedure comes with both positive and negative effects. To address these concerns, it’s advisable to choose a reputable clinic like a Hair Transplant Mumbai.

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Fue Hair Transplant vs Fut

  1. The FUE hair transplant procedure is considered simpler and more straightforward compared to FUT.
  2. FUE requires less time when compared to FUT for hair transplant procedures.
  3. Many patients find FUE treatment to be less uncomfortable than FUT.
  4. With FUE hair implantation surgery, the likelihood of visible scars after the treatment is minimal.
  5. The before-and-after results of FUE hair transplant are often considered superior to those of the FUT method. You can view our exceptional hair transplant results here.

Advantages Of B-FUE Hair Transplant Technique:

  • In FUE hair transplant procedures, it’s common to implant approximately 4000 grafts per day.
  • The success rate of graft survival is notably high in this FUE hair transplant technique.
  • Graft preservation is meticulously managed, minimizing the likelihood of buried hairs.
  • A straightforward punch tool is employed, a well-established instrument in the field of hair transplantation.
  • While our pricing remains competitive, we are committed to delivering the highest quality FUE hair transplant services at HFHG.
  • For individuals seeking a painless FUE hair transplant clinic in India to address baldness concerns, Hair Transplant Mumbai is known for its affordability, safety, and exceptional results.