B-FUE Hair Transplant Technique


This procedure is exclusively designed for individuals seeking access to the finest hair transplant techniques within the entire industry. It incorporates state-of-the-art equipment to yield superior results. In addition to specialized graft storage, we employ precision instruments and maintain ideal temperatures to ensure a lasting hair transplant.

A. Session Duration: This procedure typically spans 1 to 2 days, with the capacity to transplant up to 3000 hair grafts per day.

B. Punch: We employ the Serrated Sharp Harris Punch for its minimal tissue damage and ease of extraction.

C. Blade: The Sapphire Tip Blade is utilized in this procedure. This gemstone blade is known to minimize tissue damage, thus facilitating a smoother recovery.

D. Graft Storage and Temperature Control: Hair grafts are carefully stored in a Hypothermosol solution combined with Growth Factor, delivering optimal results. We utilize a specialized graft chiller device to maintain the ideal temperature for transplantation.

E. Magnification: Precision is ensured with the use of a 3x to 4x magnifier during the procedure.

F. Graft Survival: Our procedure boasts the highest graft survival rate when compared to other methods, leading to exceptional hair transplant outcomes.

G. Graft Damage: We take utmost care to minimize graft damage, resulting in nearly 0% damage thanks to our advanced technology and meticulous approach.

Advantages of BIG-FUE Technique:

  1. Optimal outcomes are attainable due to the utilization of advanced machinery.
  2. The KEEP implanter is employed to insert grafts seamlessly, ensuring minimal damage.
  3. To minimize bleeding and achieve high-quality grafts, we utilize the Serrated Sharp punch and Harris blade.
  4. Our procedure boasts the highest graft survival rate among the three FUE hair transplant techniques, thanks to the graft chiller and the use of a hypothermosol solution to maintain the ideal temperature.
  5. We can guarantee near-zero percent graft damage.
  6. Ultimately, this is the finest gift you can bestow upon yourself in the realm of Hair Transplants.

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